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The History Of Cologne

According to the old who live in Cologne, Germany for the first time in 1690 by Jean Paul feminism was a peddler. This person has made the prescriptions cologne by Giovanni Antonio Farina, someone had left, he gave his nephew, Giovanni Maria Farine'ya. Giovanni Maria have been working on making colognes and lavender water is nice, "was named the first cologne. After that, the business of making cologne Köln (Cologne) has been developed in the city.XIX. cologne made in France in the past century, and "Eau de Cologna (cologne water)" was produced with the name. Then the world, this sweet-smelling liquid was identified as a cologne.
What Smell?
The smell of gas molecules in the air (chemical substances), perceived through the nose to become sensations in the brain is the event at the center. People in the nose 5cm2 area in until about 10 olfactory cells odor molecules to the brain carries (in animals sniffing cell count is higher. For example, dogs in the cell count is 22) the smell center sensations become after a team behavior and reactions causes the formation.
For example, the sense of fresh herbs, leaves and green aroma, freshness, and excitement of life is reminiscent of spring. The smell of flowers in a beautiful, peace, happiness, and gives a sense of comfort. Sense of smell is the most important elements that affect our world and the people are aware of this was the first in ages. From ancient times until this day the smell of human life and will become an indispensable item is most important. The mechanics of human life becomes even more important in today's world, even more than the presence of odors (personal items, home and in industrial materials etc ...) are needed.
How to make a cologne and a combination of materials is the rate?
The article said that some kind of cologne is not something other than alcohol solution. Cologne most useful for producing alcohol (c2h5oh) ethyl alcohol. Methyl alcohol are harmful and will not be used. The cologne smells different to achieve this solution will attend various fragrances. The amount of alcohol in cologne cologne as he gives. Lemon Cologne, for example 80 degrees to get a liter, 883 ml. Ethyl alcohol, 15ml of lemon essential oil to 152ml of distilled water, we need not. Lemon essential oil in ethyl alcohol prior to arbitrate. After the solution of distilled water (distilled water) by adding the solution to one liter'll complete. Solutions we've created a special filter cloth and the eau de cologne is now ready for use.